This webpage is devoted to Volksmarching (Walking) Texas.  A Volksmarch is a sanctioned 10K (6.2 mile) hike over varying terrain.  There are also sanctioned swim and bike events (Volksswims and Volksbikes). Volksmarches are designed for all levels of physical fitness.  It is a great activity for families with kids.

Our state organization is the Texas Volkssport Association (TVA).  In addition to giving information about the TVA, their website has a walkfinder listing of all the clubs in Texas as well as information on the upcoming events in Texas.

To see a map of Texas with a link to walking events I have completed in Texas: Counties Walked. If you click on the map it will take you to the county list and the names of the walks done.

If you would be interested in walking our sanctioned 10K Walking Tour of Waco, click here to see highlights of the walk such as the Dr. Pepper Museum, the Suspension Bridge, and the McLennan County Courthouse. This event is a YRE. We do request a $3.00 fee for each individual who participates.

Volksmarches are leisurely walks.  They are through scenic, historic, and interesting areas over a predetermined route that has been checked for safety and walkability.  Our walks are sanctioned by the American Volkssport Association (AVA) and the International Volkssport Association. The purpose for doing sanctioned events and not just walking at a local park is to collect stamps in our record books. Stamp collecting becomes a passion. We have event record books, distance record books, and special program record books. No matter how many sets of books you decide to keep, you only pay $3.00 for each walk. After paying the $3.00 and completing the walk you can collect stamps in ALL of you books. WARNING: Stamp collecting is addictive!

Our walks are non-competitive.  Walkers may stroll, walk, or jog at their own pace.  I compete by trying to do an event in every county in Texas. Texas has 254 counties.  I have walked in 197 counties to date (1/14/2015). I have a list of counties I still need to walk.  Click here for listing.

If you are a member of a Texas Club, I would greatly appreciate your visiting my "Places I'd Like to Walk" and suggesting to your club leader the idea to host an event in one of these counties.

I have completed the these special event programs.
College Degree Program.
River Walk America.

For a list of current special AVA programs you can visit here.

Walks similar to ours in downtown Waco are available all over Texas (and the United States). These type of walks are called Year Round Events (YREs). There are lists of YREs on the AVA webpage for all states.

Texas Club Websites

The club that host the Waco YRE is the Dallas Trekkers of Dallas, TX. 

Two additional clubs that serve the DFW area are the Tarrant County Walkers of Ft. Worth and the Plano Walking Club of Plano.

Just west of Ft. Worth is Granbury and their club is the Hood County Hummers

Down south on I-35 in San Antonio they are multiple clubs. One of their clubs is the Texas Wanderers

North and west of San Antonio is Kerrville. Their club is the Kerrville Trailblazers. North of Kerrville is Fredericksburg. Their club is the Volkssportverein Friedrichsburg.

Out is east Texas is Tyler. Their club is the East Texas Trekkers Inc.

If you would like me to do a webpage for you click here.

I live here in the Central Texas.  The Waco Heart of Texas website has lots of information if you are planning a visit.

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